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Free ClipArt for Your Projects

Free ClipArt

IconBug has thousands of free prescaled bits of clip arts/icons that can be used for all your project and design needs. As web designers we realize the need for a large database filled with high quality crisp images/clip art that can be easily downloaded and whose license terms aren't something you have to hunt hours for. We feel that IconBug more than meets those needs.

There are more than 10,000 bits of free clipart in .PNG format that are available for download and are "pre-scaled".

What's Pre-Scaled?

Pre-Scaled means they are already scaled up or down into many different sizes. By default most images should be available up-front in 256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64, 48 x 48, 32 x 32, 24 x 24 sizes.

By prescaling we are doing 2 things for you the designer

  1. Saving you a step. There is no need to open up Photoshop and properly scale up and image and it be pixelated, or scale down an image and it look "squashed". Just choose the image that is the most appropriate size and then go with it.
  2. Save you time by showing you the scaled down version. Many times clips or icons will look awesome until you try to scale them down, and in doing so the image becomes unrecognizable.

What Can These Be Used For?

Everything. For more detail on legal usages check out this link iconbug.com/license/

From a design stand point our clip art can be used for anything from PowerPoint presentaionts to web design. These are also used alot in application development, advertisment design, commercial printing, menus, flyers, and even t.v. commericals.

There really is no limit to what this site can do for you as a designer or developer. It's a resource worth it's weight in Digital Gold.

Thanks for reading.



IconBug is and advanced Icon search engine and management system that allows it's users to download, share, comment, and upload icons.

We provide prescaled icons that can be used in your mobile applications, desktop applications, web sites, blogs, power point presentations, and more.

We are adding hundreds of icons weekly to our site so we promise you fresh content.

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