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Royalty Free Icons

We have a plethora of free content here on IconBug but the legal usage and license types can get a bit confusing. For a full description of all of them check out the Creative Commons website. That will cover most of the legal issues.

If it says for personal use only then it's for personal usage only. Pretty straightforward really.

If it says link to artist then please provide a link to the artist.

If it says something like free for personal use but buy license for commercial use. It means you can use it for stuff like school projects, but will need to visits the artists website to buy a license if you plan to use the Icon in a commercial environment.

If it says GPL then I yield all info to this page GNU General Public License

That about sums it up really. If you are still confused then just contact the artist, a link to each artist website is included in each icons page.



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