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Free ClipArt for Kids

Clip Art for Kids

Are you holding a baby shower, baby adoption, baptism or kids birthday party? Then we have some clip art dedicated to just those purposes. What these image do is help you design the attractive invitations and a wide range of other print projects at a low cost and with ease. Clip art is one of the most affordable and, practical ways to add visual impact to the content of your greetings.

Parents and Kids both can benefit from clip art. It goes without saying that, for older kids, clip art is a fun way to spend their spare time and creatively decorate greeting cards, party invitations and e-cards. It is also a great way to spend time with their parents.

A few kid friendly images

Examples of baby clip art and kids' clip art images include: birthday cakes, baby clothes, teddy bears, kids handprints and footprints, colorful balloons, cartoon characters, fairies, angels and toys. It should be mentioned that there is also animated clip art which is really interesting; parents and kids can play various games with animated clip art as there are various humorous and realistic situations like a kid opening a gift, a baby taking his first steps, a baby dressed in a cartoon character's suit, etc.

The truth is that you can select a single clip art image or as many images as you want from a specific sub-category. If you want to prepare a kids' party invitation you can choose the clip art that will fit with the theme of the occasion and the content you have written in the invitation. And why not, you can prepare it in cooperation with your kids. Do not forget that you can also create more personalized clip art by converting a photo of your kid into an image file. There are several relative software packages that can help you in the conversion.

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